Ways to Help

Ways to Help the Cats

As a non-profit organization, Katz 4 Keeps depends on the generosity of our community. Katz 4 Keeps operates with donations of time and resources.

Our volunteers work throughout the day to care for and socialize the cats, and maintain the facility. If you would like to volunteer or help by donating cash or needed items to Katz 4 Keeps, it will be greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate Funds

Katz 4 Keeps is operated 100% by unpaid volunteers. Operational costs including facility rental and maintenance, feline care, feeding and medical services are all funded through donations and grants.


Katz 4 Keeps relies on the work of their volunteers to take care of the cats and ensure they are socialized.

Wish List

We always need items from our wish list. These are items ranging from basic housekeeping items such as bleach to toys for the cats to play with.

Ways You Can Help

We need your help to carry on our mission.
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